Friday, 18 November 2016

What should we do to defeat the Leftist Establishment? Unask the question.

The question is the bread and butter of online anti-Left discourse, and the theme of a million conversations and hundreds of books - what should we do to defeat the Left?... But the question is wrongly-framed, and can lead only to false, counter-productive answers.

What should 'we' do, what should we 'do', to 'defeat'... these words reveal a false world view underpinning the debate; they reveal - indeed - unresolved Leftism in those who purport to oppose the Left.

When the modern condition is understood; it is also understood that there is no 'we' in the same sense as there really is a 'them' - the asymmetry is the whole point at issue. The asymmetry is that the Left is doing one thing - which is strategically working for destruction of Good in all its manifestations  - while the opponents of the Left are doing many things, according to their concept of The Good.

The Left is anti-Religion; but the anti-Left is - can only be - pro-Religion; however, there are many religions.

So while there is truly a 'them', an Establishment and those who serve them; there is no 'us'.

And because there is no 'us' then we cannot 'do' anything; and we cannot 'defeat' the Left.

Is this bad news, is it a counsel of despair? Well, not if you really are anti-Left; because then you will perceive the situation spiritually not politically; and you will regard the Left as a spiritual movement that is aiming at spiritual corruption then inversion.

(i.e. The Left is ultimately about damnation, not about politics, economics, psychology etc - all those are just a front.)

The very reason that we must reject the Left or face damnation and extinction is that by now the Left has very fully succeeded in its aims. The Leftist perspective is very pervasive among Western populations and it dominates all the major social institutions wherethey work, which regulate them, from where they get the continual information and entertainment infusions to which they are utterly addicted: in thrall.

In other words, The West really is spiritually rotten; we really are very corrupted and our value system is to an unprecedented extent inverted. This is a fact of here, and now.

Therefore - as things stand - there is not 'us' and 'them': we are almost-all 'them' to a greater or lesser extent; which means that 'we' cannot - and I mean cannot, not merely that it is difficult - make any kind of quasi-political alliance to defeat 'them'; again because there is no 'we'.

From where we are here-and-now, with the populations we actually have; any group assembled with the intention of opposing Leftism is itself going to be substantially Leftist - and fighting for aspects of what were historically aspects of Leftism.

(This seems very obvious to me! Nationalism, pro-racism, prosperity, liberty, constitutionalism and rule of law... these are Old Left ideas, that Old Left which was powerless to resist New Left takeover.)

The implication is clear - which is that no constructive change is possible until after there is an 'us', as well as a 'them'. We first need to undo the corruption of spirit which pervades almost everybody in The West. We need to make an 'us'.

We don't need to undo Leftism in everyone all at once (which is anyway impossible) - but there does need to be a start made; there needs to be a substantial number and proportion of people, a cohesive group, who actually have repented and reformed themselves sufficiently; who have identified their own key errors and sins, and repented them; there needs to be a group of (more or less) spiritually enlightened people.

At present, the situation is that There Just Isn't. There is nothing remotely approaching a group of anti-Left people who are themselves sufficiently free from the Leftist taint to do anything to 'defeat' Leftism: there just isn't!

This is why I keep banging-on about the absolute necessity for Spiritual Awakening - and that this must come first. I must come first because if it does not come, then we will just be having Left-versus-Left office politics, and Establishment infighting - jostling for power to impose various rival brands of Leftism.

Which is exactly (and only) what we so far have post-Brexit, post-Trump - indeed, how could it be otherwise?

If we want anything more and different, then we must turn to the spiritual side as a basis for it. And there is no arguing with must!